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Paying homage to Robin Williams

The passing of Robin Williams made me cancel any and all of my plans for the day. When I heard the news for some odd reason I was watching the CBS evening news(I never do?) and they ended the broadcast with “We’re hearing word that actor Robin Williams has passed away from an apparent suicide”. My reaction for some reason was just to say “no!”. I had to write something in honor of the memory of his life and how good he made me feel when I was a kid. Mrs. Doubtfire and Jumanji have been 2 of my favorite films to this day. Mrs. Doubtfire especially. Good Will Hunting goes without saying because that’s on everyone’s top 10, basically. My girl recently asked me for my top 5 movies ever and Mrs. Doubtfire was one of them. Being substantially younger than me, she seemed really surprised by that pick. I doubt anyone that grew up watching that movie would give that choice a 2nd thought. It was incredible. Especially for a kid that grew up in a broken home; I think it really spoke to those of us who had to suffer through that. For those of us that did, Robin Williams was the father that we wished we had in our lives. I often wished when I was a kid that he was my dad. That probably seems extremely weird or strange to someone that either didn’t see the movie or didn’t grow up without a dad, but I don’t care.

When me and my fiance of 3 years broke up, I watched Mrs. Doubtfire many times to try to feel a little bit better. Robin was like a member of my family who could console me without saying anything to me directly or even knowing of my existence.

Beyond what that movie meant to me and what he meant to me during my childhood, the man was just an incredible talent. I doubt anyone that saw more than just a little bit of his ‘work’ would disagree with that. He had an energy about him that is incredibly rare. I don’t know that any comedian had the same energy. Not only was he a superb actor, but also a superb stand-up comedian. How many people have been able to say that in history? Maybe one other person off the top of my head, Jerry Seinfeld, who can’t touch Robin Williams, imo.

I’m not as good at writing anymore because of my own problems and I apologize for that, Robin. Even in my best of days, I couldn’t write anything in honor of your memory half as good as you were as an actor & comedian… but this will have to do, because it’s all I’ve got. You were an awesome individual, Robin, and I hope that wherever you are or wherever you’re going brings you the happiness that you couldn’t find here on Earth. You deserve it. You earned it.


I think the fact that nearly every single post on my dash is about Robin Williams is a testament to how great of an actor he was and shows just how many people he inspired/how many people loved him and his work.